Small Format Art - SFA - dynamic artworks no larger than 14

SFA - Small Format Art - png LOGO

SFA, for all intent and purpose, should be found to be artwork
that is NO LARGER than 14" in any one direction.

 * SFA is collectible, affordable art and a wonderful way to
create unique displays in décor and a great talking point.

* SFA can be displayed on furniture tops, mantles, walls.
Room walls, or little walls in hallways.

* Display SFA in your décor to reflect your personality, etc.
They can be eclectic. Endless potential/possibilities.

* Display SFA in a Group setting - doesn't need to match sofa
and/or drapes. Easy to change your display(s) to suit your moods.

* SFA can include 3d objects in the grouping to add interest and emphasis.

* SFA can be collected by artist or by theme, or color, or ?

* SFA can be collected as smaller, more affordable work from an artist
that you'd love a larger work, but can't afford or have the room to put it.

* SFA can be framed inventively.

* SFA make unique and affordable gifts for friends & family.

* SFA are dynamic collectibles!