Small Format Art - SFA - dynamic artworks no larger than 14

SFA - Small Format Art - png LOGO


 * SFA is collectible, affordable art and a wonderful way to
create unique displays in décor

* SFA can be displayed on furniture tops, mantles, walls.
Room walls, or little walls in hallways.

* Display SFA in your décor to reflect your personality, etc.
They can be eclectic. Endless potential/possibilities.

* Display SFA in a Group setting - doesn't need to match sofa
and/or drapes. Easy to change your display(s) to suit your moods.

* SFA can include 3d objects in the grouping to add interest and emphasis.

* SFA can be collected by artist or by theme, or color, or ?

* SFA can be collected as smaller, more affordable work from an artist
that you'd love a larger work, but can't afford or have the room to put it.

* SFA can be framed inventively.

* SFA are dynamic collectibles!



How to find
Small Format Art:

Small Format Art - SFA - is very easy
to find on Etsy, eBay and other online
art selling venues.

To search for SFA artists and artworks, simply use "SFA" as a search term on online selling venues.

Being small in size, Small Format Art (SFA) is usually affordable and
collectible, with the benefit of creating eye-catching displays when used inventively in your décor.

THIS SITE: This site features artists
that specialize in SFA, and sites
where SFA can be found. Lessons,
newsletters, how to join in, general
art information, collecting and
decorating with art, forums, etc.